LEGO ninjago COLE + Jay, Zane, Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Sensei, Garmadon, new season series and part Лего ни

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LEGO ninjago COLE + Jay, Zane, Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Sensei, Garmadon, new season series and part Лего ни - Скачать популярное видео!

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Ninja land Cole has incredible physical strength, which more than once helped him in difficult situations. Cole with Lego Ninjago was forced to leave the family business: singing and dancing, because he knew that in this field will never be able to win fame, but few pas he still remembers. Cole always exudes confidence in success, but no one will say that Ninja land is in the clouds. He likes to live in nature, climb mountains, explore old-fashioned technology and, most importantly, loves torty. Koul - a source of calm and confidence to the whole team. Still, in this world there is one thing he is afraid - dragons! He must overcome his fears, to ride the Dragon lands, understand that dragons are not that scary, and get into the Underworld.
Cole Father Lego Ninjago believes that his son should forget all these ninja stuff and do a family affair: in show business! Number Ninjas earth notes that, taking his artistic nature, he is not only a skilled dancer, but also a skillful ninja.
Confidence Cole Lego nindzyago own forces was tested for strength, when it turned out that their new opponents are made of a material that can not be destroyed. Cole argues that the greatest power comes from within, when to engage in battle, defeat in which there is no chance.
When the device is on the selection of the ideal pair of Nie says that her perfect match - Cole, it jeopardizes her relationship with Jay. Cole emerged situation is confusing, because the relationship with Nia it never interested. A crack in their friendship and rivalry with Jay Ninja distracting from the real business at a time when the entire team needs to focus on opposition to the Digital Overlord.
Jay and Cole with Lego Ninjago adventure from the beginning not stop to quarrel over Nii. But when Chen makes them fight with each other, the rest of the ninja expect the worst. But the two of them forget their differences and unite against Chen, although the resulting Cole loses its power. In a desperate situation with Cole Lego Ninjago he understands that the hero is not only responsible for himself or for members of his team, and raises a rebellion forced laborers Chen.

Cole always acted firmly, firmly and confidently. But there is something that scares him (it would have to be dragons, but now the ghosts), and he is going to meet with their fears face to face to stay a hero. His future may depend on how well it will cope with big changes. It has the earth element.
For winning the battle against Morro Cole had to pay too high a price ... It has become a ghost! Not without difficulty, but Cole manages to cope with despair and to adapt to a new life. He learned to move real objects, but it can pass through walls and can fully master the force of his element. New skills turn Cole into a great ninja, until he begins to desire too much and does not fall into the trap of Genie blade Nadakhana.

Appearances in Lego sets Ninjago
§ 2263 Turbo Shredder
§ 2509 Protect earth dragon
§ 2530 Battle Arena Ninjago
§ 2112 Cole
§ 2170 Cole DX
§ 9444 Cole attack
§ 9447 Lasha on a motorcycle
§ 9449 Supersonic Aircraft
§ 9551 Kendo Cole
§ 9572 NRG-Cole
§ 30087 Machine
§ 70502 Ground drill Cole
§ 70720 Flying hunter
§ 70723 SUV "Lightning" and Robot Earth
§ 70747 rapid-fighter Cole
§ 70753 The battle over the lava
§ 70733 blaster bike Cole
§ 70734 Dragon Sensei Wu
§ 70738 The decisive battle on the ship "gift of fate"
§ 70741 Flyer Aerodzhittsu Cole
§ 70751 Temple Aerodzhittsu
§ 71207 Ninjago 2016
§ 70599 Dragon Cole
§ 70604 Island tiger widows
§ 70589 Mountain SUV
§ 70,595 SUV with masking supersystem
§ 5004393 Cole
§ 853 099 Cole
§ 853 402 Cole
§ 853 538 Cole
§ 853 102 magnets Ninjago Set
A table clock
§ 5004534 Cole Jungle
Wrist Watch
§ 5000252 Kendo Cole
§ 5001357 Kendo Cole
Appearances in films
§ Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Appearances in video games
§ LEGO Battles: Ninjago
§ LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids
§ LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin
§ LEGO Dimensions
§ LEGO Ninjago: Tournament

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LEGO ninjago COLE + Jay, Zane, Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Sensei, Garmadon, new season series and part Лего ни - Скачать популярное видео!


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