LEGO ninjago JAY + Cole, Zane, Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Sensei, Garmadon, new season series and part Лего ни

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LEGO ninjago JAY + Cole, Zane, Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Sensei, Garmadon, new season series and part Лего ни - Скачать популярное видео!

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Jay with Lego ninjago fascinated Nia, sister Kai ninjago, but tries not to show their feelings, especially in the presence of her overly caring older brother. Jay is gradually learning to use your ninja skills in combat. Of course, the first lightning Ninja mastered the art of Spinjitzu. "Let's smash the lemonade stand!"
The most talkative in the team Lego ninjago, Jay becomes silent when his feelings for Nie begin to destroy it from within! Will he be able to turn from a jester in Romeo and win her heart? However, Jay will learn that it is better not to try to make an impression, and just be yourself.
Jay's relationship with nindzyago and Nii gradually improving, but the samurai into the hands Garmadona Lord, so in a decisive battle between the forces of good and evil they will fight against each other.
When the device is on the selection of the ideal pair of Nie ninjago says that her perfect match - Cole , it jeopardizes her relationship with Jay. Ninja zippers are very disappointed by this development, because it has long been in love Niya ninja and Cole unexpectedly stepped between them. And in his heart he is worried that his rivalry with Cole hurt their friendship.
Jay nindzyago still have not forgotten about the rivalry with Cole because who likes Nie more. This is very hurt the rest of the team members to fight on the island of Chen because the two ninjas are constantly trying to hurt each other. However, when Master Chen made them come together face to face in the tournament, Jay realized that his long-standing friendship with Cole and the rest of the team is more important. After the Tournament elements Jay becomes more mature and restrained ninja.
Jay Ninja loves games and stories of fantastic adventures, so that even his most cloudy day full of adventure, searching for magical artifacts, mysterious puzzles and dangerous traps in the ancient temples. But the best thing in all of this - a chance to learn the ancient martial art Aerodzhittsu, whose masters can fly!
Jay ninjago says what he thinks, but more often he does not think before you say something. He is quick as lightning, even for Ninja, resourceful, happy life ... and his extraordinary ideas always help save the team from danger. It has the power of lightning.
Lego nindzyago Jay - inventive, talkative and cheerful ninja. He likes to build gliders and fly on them, so it wants to learn to fly on their own, using Aerodzhittsu. When the situation becomes too tense, Jay always ready joke. It has the power of lightning.
Jay was heartbroken when Niya told him that they - just friends, and that - all they will ever be. It makes him use Nadakhana magic somehow win her heart despite the fact that in his frustration he discovers that love could be wished. As a result of his efforts, he discovers that he was receiving, and that his real father was a famous actor (Jay's favorite movie). The fate of the whole team on his shoulders. Jay realizes that he must be a hero, to save all ninjago!
2011 ninjago
 2257 Spinjitzu Starter Kit
 2259 Skull Motorcycle
 2263 Turbo Shredder Lego ninjago
 2506 Truck skull
 2519 battle with skeletons
 2521 Dragon Lightning
2012 Lego nindzyago
 9442 Storm Fighter Jay
 9445 Ambush Fengpae
 9446 Flying Ship
 9553 Jay ZX
 9570 NRG-Jay
 9450 Decisive Battle
 Training Ninja 30082
 30084 Jay
 30085 Jumping snake
 853,098 Keychain: Jay
 853,102 Magnet ninjago
 5000030 Kendo Jay
2013 Lego ninjago
 70501 Warrior on a motorcycle
2014 Lego nindzyago
 70723 Thunder raider
 70728 Battle for city ninjago
2015 Lego nindzyago
 70731 Shagohod Jay
 70736 Morro Dragon Attack
 70737 Battle titanic machines
 70732 City Styx
 Flyer 70740 Aerodzhittsu Jay
 70749 Temple Clan Anakondray
 70751 Temple Aerodzhittsu
 70754 Flying robot Jay
 30292 Nano-mechanical robot Jay
 71,215 Ninjago: Jay
2016 Lego ninjago
 70602 Dragon Jay
 70605 Citadel misery
 Siege 70594 Lighthouse
 70,595 Supersonic Raider 2.0
 70596 Samurai X: Battle in cave
2017 Lego ninjago

Appearances in films
 Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Appearances in video games
 LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin
 LEGO Dimensions
 LEGO Ninjago: Tournament

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LEGO ninjago JAY + Cole, Zane, Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Sensei, Garmadon, new season series and part Лего ни - Скачать популярное видео!


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